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Where can UK travellers enjoy some sun this Easter?

Where can UK travellers enjoy some sun this Easter?

Fancy a bit of sun on a short Easter break from the UK? We’ve rounded up ten of the best places that you can reach easily where you’re pretty much guaranteed some sun, mostly around the Med but a few further afield.

Malta and Gozo

This pair of islands lies about as far south as you can get in the Mediterranean without hitting North Africa. So although a little rain might be expected, temperatures should be around 20 degrees. Part of the British Empire from 1814 until independence in 1964, English is widely spoken.


Out in the Atlantic about three hundred miles north of the Canaries lies the Portuguese island of Madeira. Without any major beaches, the superlative gardens are at their best in spring. Madeira gets a lot of rain in the winter, but by Easter, it should be over.


With a very mild climate and history of British rule, Crete is a favourite UK holiday destination. Temperatures should reach 21 degrees in the day and the wildflowers will be blooming. Head for the north coast of the Akamas peninsula to avoid the package holiday crowds.

Canary Islands

Firmly established as all-year-round tourist destinations it’s harder to get bargains to the Canaries at Easter, but you will get temperatures in the mid-to-low twenties. Fuerteventura is the island most exposed to the Atlantic winds so best avoided unless you’re into sailing and kite-surfing.


Spring comes early to Crete and the south tends to be warmer than the north, as well as being less developed than the north. Easter is well-observed so you should be able to see some stunning local pageantry.


Being inland, this city is warmer than the Moroccan coast at Easter but as it’s not high season there won’t be too many tourists around. The best bet of all our picks for hot sun at Easter, there may be a little rain and it can be chilly at night but expect up to 27 degrees in the day.


In southern Spain, the city of Seville has celebrations throughout Holy Week although that can make it crowded. Along the Costa del Sol expect temperatures around 20 degrees, although the sea won’t feel so warm.


Not as warm as some of the other places we’ve featured, Puglia is the ‘heel’ of Italy’s boot. It’s a wonderful place to relax, with many restored farmhouses to stay in and glorious local cuisine. Temperatures will be a little under 20 degrees.


On the other side of Italy, Sicily is great for sight-seeing with Greco-Roman ruins all over the island and many of the towns featuring Baroque architecture. Being surrounded by the Med it can be cool at around 15-17 degrees and there may be a little rain.


More of a gamble for the weather, Provence can be cold in the hills but warmer nearer the coast and rain is more likely than not. But the orange blossom looks fabulous and there are always local taverns and restaurants to hide in.

Enjoy yourself

Wherever you choose and whatever the weather, we hope you enjoy your Easter break from all at Flights Compensation!


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