How it Works

Step 1: Contact Us
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You can contact us on 0151-9092228 or alternatively request a call back on our website and we’ll contact you.
Step 2: Case Reviewed
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We will review your case and identify if you are eligible for Flights Compensation in a matter of minutes.
Step 3: Documentation Completed
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Our sign up process is simple and straight forward. Once your claim is valid we will send you our sign up documents electronically for you to sign online.
Step 4: Claims Process Begins
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Our specialist claims handler will engage with your airline and seek a maximum settlement for your Flight Compensation Claim.
Step 5:
Claim Settled
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Your claim is settled and you receive the maximum compensation you are legally entitled to.
Claim Rejected
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We will review your case and identify if you are eligible for Flights Compensation in a matter of minutes.
Step 6: Court Proceedings
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We engage specialist solicitors to pursue your airline through the courts as part of our no win no fee process.
Step 7:
Court Case Won
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Your case is won and you receive your flight delay compensation.
Court Case Lost
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Your claim is lost but you don’t have to pay any fees as part of our no win no fee service.
Why Use Us?
  • No Win No Fee
  • Free Review
  • No front Costs
  • Expert Claims Handlers
  • Specialist Legal Team

We specialise in Flight Delay Claims which enables us to handle your case quickly and efficiently. Once you contact us we can easily identify if you are eligible for Flight Compensation and can engage on your case immediately if required. Below is a breakdown of our process.
  • Call us or request a call back. One of our dedicated flight delays will assess your case in minutes and start your claim immediately if required.
    Contact Us
  • Our Flight Compensation process is streamlined to ensure your case is resolved as quickly as possible. Our documentation can be signed and completed online to speed up the process.
  • Once we have all relevant details our claims team will engage with your airline, fight your case and negotiate the maximum settlement on your behalf.
  • Claims are usually resolved in less than 3 months. You can rest assured we will always do everything in our power to have your case settled as quickly as possible.
    Case Settled