Flight Delayed

Compensation Values
Per Passenger
Up to 1,500 Km
delayed more than 3hrs
Per Passenger
From 1,500 – 3,000Km
delayed more than 3hrs
Per Passenger
More than 3,500Km
delayed more than 4hrs
What is Delayed FlightCompensation?

If you are planning a flight, it is a large part of what the airline does to make sure that you are able to get off of the ground and get to your destination in a reasonable timeline. That means that you are not sitting on the ground for hours due to mechanical issues or other problems with the aircraft. When you are stranded for hours because of an issue with a delay, you may not be able to get there, and you may also miss your connections altogether. What that means is that you need delayed-flights-compensation so that if you get stuck somewhere that you are able to find a way onto your next destination. However, many people do not even realise that there is such a thing as delayed flight compensation when they are travelling. So we are going to look at how this works and what is means for passengers.

In the past compensation for delayed flight was not something that existed and what that meant was that there were many issued for passengers. The airlines were not focused on being efficient, nor were they focused on ensuring that they were on time with flights. It was in 2004 and 2005 that the law finally changed in the EU and in all areas that are serviced in the EU. That means that if you are delayed in your travels or if there is a problem that you have rights and are entitled to a few different things. If you are delayed you are able to have flight delayed compensation if the travel is longer than 1 hour, the compensation goes up as well with each hour that the plane is delayed. If the plane is scheduled the next day for any reason, there is also a clause for flight delayed compensation.

In the event that the flight is more than 5 hours, the passengers are entitled to a complete refund for their trip and are able to choose another method to get to their location. In the event that there is another issue, however, the passenger has up to 7 days for a claim for delayed flight.

What is the Compensation for the Passenger When There is a Flight Delayed??

When there is a delayed flight the passenger is able to get is completely dependent on the different kinds of flights that are out there, there is a compensation of 250,400 or 600 Euros depending on the classification of the flight. In addition to that, there may be rerouting or other upgrades or downgrades that happen on the flight for the inconvenience that was suffered by the customer. The airline does not have to provide cash compensation to the customer unless there have been many unusual situations. Prior to the EU delayed flight compensation, there were many people who did not take the rights of the passengers very seriously. Thankfully that has been changed, and now there are more airports running on time.

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Airline passengers within the EU are protected by a Supreme Court ruling. If you have suffered at the hands of an airline you could be eligible to claim Flight Compensation up to €600 per passenger for:
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