Flight Compensation

Compensation Values
Per Passenger
Up to 1,500 Km
delayed more than 3hrs
Per Passenger
From 1,500 – 3,000Km
delayed more than 3hrs
Per Passenger
More than 3,500Km
delayed more than 4hrs
Know Your Rights – Flight Compensation

Did you know that you are entitled to compensation if your flight has been cancelled or delayed by more than three hours? Under EU Regulation 261/2004 passengers are entitled to flight compensation for delays, cancellations or denied boarding issues that were not caused by extraordinary circumstances. This landmark ruling occurred in February 2005 and has given millions of passengers across Europe the legal right to obtain compensation of up to €600. We assist passengers with their flight compensation claims to make the process faster and less tedious.

Eligibility for Flight Compensation Claims

EU Regulation 261/2004 covers all passengers who depart from or arrive at any airport within Europe. As long as a flight is delayed by 3 hours or more by issues which are not considered extraordinary circumstances then passengers are eligible to claim for flights compensation of up to €600. If you feel as though you are eligible for flight compensation then contact us for a free no obligation review. Our flight delay claims service is easy, straight forward and hassle free. We can start your claim within minutes and have the backing of specialist solicitors for tackling airlines in court as part of our now in no fee service. have experienced If you have To pursue flight delay claim we will require proof of the booking which can be verified by providing a copy of the boarding passes. Once this is received and your flight meets the criteria for compensation our flights compensation process begins.

Denied Boarding & Cancelled Flights Compensation

Flight Compensation under EU261/2004 does not just cover delays caused by airlines. Passengers can also pursue flights compensation if they were unjustly denied boarding or had their flight cancelled without receiving adequate notice from the airline. Compensation levels for these types of claims will vary depending on the circumstances of the incident however we will always look to get a maximum settlement for our clients on every claim we pursue. We also look to recover additional expenses if the airline has not met their legal obligations by providing passengers with snacks, refreshments, taxis and accommodation in certain circumstances. During our review process we will evaluate your claim and identify all failings of your airline to ensure you obtain the maximum compensation you are legally entitled to.

EU Flight Compensation Categories

There are three standard levels of flights compensation under EU261/2004. The first claims value is €250 for a flight that was due to travel less 1,500 km. The second claims value is s; €400 for flights between 1,500 and 3,500 km and the third is €600 for a flight that was due to travel more than 3,500 km. Once you contact us our claims handlers will review your case in detail and calculate the compensation levels you are entitled to using our advanced software.

The only time an airline is not legally obligated to provide flights compensation on delays of 3 hours or more is when their are cases of extraordinary circumstances. If a delay, cancellation or denied board issue was caused without extraordinary circumstances then they are legally obligated to pay flights compensation.

An airline has a duty to take care of their passengers in the event of delays. This includes providing snacks, refreshments, taxis as well as accommodation if the delay is overnight. If a flight is delayed by more than five hours, then passengers are entitled to receive a refund of the unused tickets, as well as a flight back to the original point of departure as soon as one is available. If these obligations are not met by the airline then they are liable to pay flights compensation to affected passengers.

These are multiple consumer and legal rights which protect passengers when they travel with airlines. Most people are unaware of these rights however and this is where we can help. Our flights compensation service is designed to get you the maximum settlement for your claim and we can do so on a no win no fee basis. To find out more about our flight compensation claims service please contact us for a free no obligation review of your case.

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